• Skateboarding Experience!

      Immersive green key.


      The project

      For the Brussels Motor Show 2020, SEAT wanted a brand activation on their stand with 2 main goals : gathering leads & generating traffic on the stand.

      We decided to combine the "street" value of the brand into an eye-catching half-pipe. To bring the experience to another level, we covered the whole ramp with a green key. To reinforce the "street" atmosphere, we worked with a dual tone full tag as a background wall.

      Up to 3 photos were taken, the participants automatically cropped and blended in the picture.

      Printing & sharing stations were arranged centrally to create traffic on the stand.

      4881 photos were printed and almost 10k € were collected for Farm Forest association to plant trees in Asse.

    • Photos & video

      Take a look and enjoy!