One solution, multiple possibilities.

  • Engage your virtual audience

    and remote teams.

    In these times of social distancing, people needs to smile again.
    Make use of photography to create a social activity and engagement.

    Smartphone photo capabilities let you bring photo booth to virtual, make fun and keep people safe.

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  • AI background removal.

    Do you want to transport your audience into a unique scenery? Do you want to create a stunning profile photo from a messy room? Or simply create a colorful environment? Thanks to AI, your background will disappear magically. It will be replaced by a selected background.

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  • Quote management.

    Let the people tweet or express themselves with short text form. Use the generated content to create a social wall and engage your team or audience. Make it fun, gamify the exeprience.

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  • "No touch" printing technology.

    Your are running an presential or hybrid event and you want your attendees to get a printed souvenir. Let them make their picture via the web app and scan their phone at the printing zone.

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  • Do you need help?

    You love our solution but you don't know how to integrate it into your global communication plan. Feel free to contact us, we'll brainstorm to provide you with full service proposition.