• GDPR Charter

    • Data collection is at the heart of priintr's activities.

      We have always paid special attention to data privacy and security.

      Priintr is a data processor, which means that we do not collect data on our own behalf, but on behalf of our clients and their brands.

      Therefore, we are required to provide our clients with the appropriate tools and processes to collect data in full compliance with the GDPR.

      In this context, we pay particular attention to :


      • We require our clients to clearly explain how they intend to use the data collected.
      • We inform users when they interact with priintr, as well as after the event, when we email them their photo.
      • We collect their consent in a clear and visible way.

      Our clients only have access to the data collected during their event.

      Priintr never sells or uses the collected user data.


      The security

      The data is hosted on the secure servers of our partner amazon web services.
      Click here to view their GDPR compliance statement



      Amazon places a high priority on security and our customers and their users benefit from this approach.
      Click here to view its security statement


      Priintr employees and suppliers follow strict procedures to ensure the security of user data.


      We are committed to complying with all provisions of Article 33, as well as the requirements for notifying authorities and users in the event of a security breach.

      Information, access to and deletion of data.

      Users of priintr have a simple means of accessing the data linked to their e-mail address and requesting its correction or deletion.


      They can also withdraw their consent at any time.


      Finally, our customers can autonomously decide to delete the collected user data hosted on our servers

      Data Protection Officer

      Priintr's data protection officer is Manoël Sanchez
      You can contact him at dpo@priintr.com